2017 Average Costs For Ice Dam Removal

2017 Average Costs For Ice Dam Removal
Ice Dam Removal

Ice Dam Removal in Roanoke, AL

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As beautiful as winter can be, it can also be a nuisance to your home’s exteriors, mainly the roof. Accumulated snowfall can leave a significant amount of damage to your roofing. Due to the below-zero temperature outside, snow will start piling up on your roof but the warmth of your home will cause it to melt. The trickling ice water will freeze again and literally create a dam that blocks the melted ice water. This added weight to your roof may cause a lot of damage. Homeowners tend to remove the ice dam by themselves not knowing it can lead to accidents and very severe injuries. Roanoke ice dam removal should only be left in the hands of experts. With Furthur, they can proficiently do the job without risking the well-being of any of your family members.

Furthur offers high quality and professional ice dam removal Roanoke services. They are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to remove any hazardous dam build-ups, guaranteeing not only the roof’s fixture but also the gutters lining the house. Furthur maintains a high demand of excellent work from their servicemen and hold them to the highest standards of expertise, ensuring the safety of your family all throughout the process. For your own safety and comfort, call Furthur for your Roanoke ice dam removal services.

2016 Average Costs For Ice Dam Removal

2016 Average Costs For Ice Dam Removal

FAQ for Ice Dam Removal in Roanoke

How can I tell if a given Roanoke ice dam removal expert is using steam?

Many specialists of ice dam removal in Roanoke, who assert to be utilizing vapor, are in fact using high-temperature pressure washers. Here is how to differentiate. When you’re still interviewing them, ensure to ask if the machine they are using has a triggered gun. If they say no, it's an actual steamer. You’re probably wondering why this matters. Well, since the high-temperature washers not only take a considerably longer time to get rid of ice (more time, more money), but they can also damage your ice-cold, stiff roof (further increasing the cost due to repair).

What’s the cost of an ice dam removal in Roanoke service?

Most homeowners typically pay between $420 and $820 per hour for an ice dam removal in Roanoke service. However, it’s critical to note that hourly rate is not the only factor in determining what the dam removal will cost. Other factors include the roof height; a higher ceiling is harder to handle than a lower one. The roof pitch; a steeper one is also difficult. Snow load; if there’s a large amount, depth and thickness of snow, it’ll take more time. Also added is the cost of protection of properties below the work area to avoid damage that can be caused by falling snow. Some companies also include the trip charge.

What can I do before the Roanoke ice dam removal professionals come over?

You can get rid of snow in advance to help save up on the time that Roanoke ice dam removal experts will spend on your property. They also need water for the cleanup, and you can ensure they get some when they arrive. Be ready to give them directions on where the ice is to be removed. You can also make sure they have a place to pack, as this will save you a few bucks.

Last Updated: Sep 4, 2020